Changes to Community Guidelines Strikes - Burning Questions

Views: 370,183 | Published: 19 February 2019 | Duration: 3m 53s

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Do you understand the new changes to our Community Guidelines strike system? Matt from YouTube answers your top questions around the new, simpler system.

We’ve worked with creators to understand what’s working and what’s not and you told us that consistent enforcement, clear policies, and transparency about the impact of a strike are most important. So we’re introducing more opportunities for everyone to understand our policies, a consistent penalty for each strike, and better notifications.

Blog post on the new system:

YouTube Help center article:

Appeal your strike if you feel it is incorrect:

Questions answered in this video:

- What’s changing with Community Guidelines Strikes on YouTube? 0:22
- Why did YouTube make changes to the Community Guidelines strike system? 1:03
- What happens when I get a Community Guidelines strike? 1:23
- If I have an existing strike on my channel, will I still get a one-time warning? 1:46
- What exactly does it mean to “not be able to post anything” when I get a strike? 1:55
- When do these changes go into effect? 2:08
- Do I get warnings for copyright strikes too? Or is this only for Community Guidelines? 2:23
- I’m a live streamer. Does the 90-day freeze on live streaming still exist? 2:51
- My warning or strike was incorrect. What can I do? 3:10
- What if I appeal and it turns out I’m right? Do you erase my strike? 3:20

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